Fibroid Uterus Tumors Symptoms

Fibroids of the Uterus, Fibroid tumors, or Uterine Fibroids vary in the symptoms they cause among women.
One study stated that 45% of females have Fibroid Uterus Tumors. Yet only 10% of these females that have Fibroid Uterus Tumors have symptoms.
The Main symptoms of Fibroid Uterus Tumors are :
– Pain , Fibroid pain that accompanies menstruation.
– Bleeding , Heavy Periods , Heavy Flow of Menstrual Bleeding.
– Infertility , Fibroid tumors affecting the ability to get pregnant.
– Pressure symptoms ; Fibroid tumors compressing the urinary bladder causing frequent urination. Fibroid tumors compressing the colon causing constipation.
Fibroid uterus Tumors’ symptoms depend on the number and size of the Fibroids. And more importantly where the Fibroid tumors are located in the Uterus. They can be located just next to the uterus cavity inside ( called submucous fibroids ) mainly causing heavy period bleeding , also they can be located in the uterus wall , or they can bulge outside , causing at that time pain and pressure symptoms.